Learning. Loving. Serving. Praying. Reaching.


The Bible teaches that the Church is not just a building or a club, but a people belonging to God.  We are those who have believed the good news that God has sent his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to live, die, and rise again for sinners.  He has done this to redeem a people for himself – his own treasured possession. 

As such, we live every day of our lives in the service of God, who has loved us and saved us in Jesus Christ.  Out of gratitude for God’s mercy, we offer ourselves and all we have to him.  With great joy, we proclaim his praises in the world, so that others may believe and be saved.  

The Redemption RP Church is thus a community of God’s people (called Christians) located in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region of western Québec.  We seek to faithfully serve God by serving one another, along with the community in which we live.  While we come from many different walks of life, we are all united in our purpose to see Jesus Christ, God’s Son, honoured and loved in this world.

For a fuller statement of our theological foundations and doctrinal adherence, click here.